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At Skin+ aesthetics we understand that we are all individuals and as such there are no two alike. We offer Bespoke treatments & services for face & body ensuring your specific needs are met. Our cutting edge tailored Medical Aesthetic treatments have lead to uniquely beautiful results pictured in our gallery & social media pages. Every feature on your face and every part of your body demands expert, professional care & advice without compromise. All Medical treatments and services are conducted by a Fully insured and qualified Medical Professional being an expert in Aesthetics Medicine with over 8 years Global experien

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New Essex Clinic now at the Only Endermospa in the Country.

We are very excited to announce our New Clinic at The Endermospa UK, conveniently located in Loughton for All our Essex Clientel. Come and pay us a visit at this beautiful quaint Spa for an unforgettable experience. 

New Clinic details.

Skin+ at  No.1 Harley Street offering non surgical face lifts, lip injections, cheek fillers & anti-wrinkle injection conveniently located for all our clients in central

 London & global. Harley street is Europe's Most Renowned Cosmetic & Aesthetic go to destination. Essex clinic's in Buckhurst Hill.

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Skin+ Aesthetics clinic on Harley street.

Here's what to expect at our central London clinic conveniently located on Harley street is Europe's most renowned Cosmetic & Aesthetic go to destination.

Skin+ client

Our handsome client looking forward to his regular treatments by Skin Physician, Dr. Chelimo at our Harley Street Clinic. 

A Customized bespoke Non-surgical facelift

Award winning non-surgical Liquid facelift.


The liquid facelift uses injectables dermal fillers, collagen fillers along with anti-wrinkle( optional) to help plump up, relax, and fill in the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. It also restores youthful volume to the face, reduce sagging of the skin by filling it up from the inside, and re-contour drooping facial features or hollow eyes. It is one of the latest anti-aging trends in non-invasive cosmetic procedures and is touted as a less expensive and less risky alternative to a traditional surgical facelift.

This liquid facelift is bespoke and caters for individual client needs. This procedure is progressive depending the clients age, can be over 2 to 4 treatments normally a week to 2 weeks apart. Painless and visible results expected with no downtime. 

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Non-surgical Butt lift, firm & enhancement by SCULPTRA.

Pictured result of the SCULPTRA Butt enhancement was achieved over 2 sessions, 2 weeks apart.

As a truly non-surgical procedure, the Sculptra Butt Lift has revolutionized the way butt lift procedures are performed throughout the western world using ONLY FDA & CEE approved products. 

Sculptra is a great option for those who desire a fuller and shapelier buttocks enhancement but have been unable to achieve it because there is not enough fat or because surgery sounds too severe and the downtime associated with it. 


Sculptra is a dermal filler commonly used for the face and other parts of the body that have lost volume. Its a special product that is used to thicken the skin and stimulate collagen growth using micro-invasive injections just below the skin. It is different than a fat graft, and there is no down time required, no body shapers. 

With SCULPTRA you can achieve your desired result with  days to weeks depending on your requirement. 

It's easy to shape, firm and enhance the buttocks and the result is visible from the first procedure. The number of sessions required are determined by the clients desire. Skin Physician & Board certified Aesthetic Practitioner Dr. Chelimo was able to shape, lift, firm & enhance ( add volume) to the clients satisfaction.

Customer testimonial treated by Skin+ Medical Director, Skin Physician Layla Chelimo over 4 years.

A wonderful review/ testimonial by our client of almost 4 years, Mandy Redhead of our Skin Physician

Our beautiful client had only nice things to say about her experince with our Medical Director, Skin Physician Layla Chelimo.

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Post sun exposure: Get hydrated, even tone, wrinkle free, flawless glowing skin all year round!


We all love the summer and tan that comes with it. Skincare is essential all year round but especially post sun as thats when skin ages most, be it dehydration, sun spots or fine lines. Keep all the signs of ageing by maintaining your skin health. Grab yourself a bargain with Skin treatments for hydrated, glowing, healthy, Wrinkle free even tone, poreless skin all year round with a maintenance routine that will also help your fillers & anti-wrinkle last longer. What not to love! 

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Free consultations & complimentary Skincare advisory


Yes, that"s how much we care about you looking & feeling good inside out. Get booked with a board Certified Medical Professional today and you could be one step closer to your desired look be it face or body.

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We love our customers and always happy to assist so please call in first to ensure you are seen at your visit for Skincare,  anti-wrinkle & anti-aging lip fillers, dermal fillers, liquid facelifts and much more in Buckhurst Hill & Harley st in central London.

Mobile visits are provided only upon booking. 


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When we’re young, we have a defined jawline and smooth contours, and our cheeks and upper face are plump and firm. As we age, our skin loses support with a loss of structural proteins and facial fat, as well as moisture. The facial fat that keeps our skin looking smooth starts to thin out and descend, which can cause nasolabial folds in the mid face and jowls in the lower face.

As a result of these anatomical changes, the shape and contours of our face change, taking on a tired, dragged-down appe